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  • By imarkseo
  • 12 Oct 2016


I never thought it possible but with getting older, I now know what a 2 day hangover feels like. HORRIBLE!!! This is why SoberOn focus on finding a solution that gives our customers back their productivity. Not only their productivity but also quality of life. If you still did not buy or receive your SoberOn we share this video by our YouTube friends from BuzzFeedVideo. They showcase some solutions to the dreaded hangover.


So lets get down into the details and understand how the 2 day hangover impacts your relationship. Oh yes, the 2 day hangover is real and the best hangover cure still much debated. Looking at the stats you understand a little better why. The stats don’t lie, and according to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, say that in 2014:


  1. Nearly 88% of people ages 18 or older consumed alcohol at some point in their lives.
  2. 71% consumed alcohol in the past 12 months.
  3. 57% done so in the past month.
  4. Nearly 25% engaged in binge drinking in the past month.
  5. Nearly 7% engaged in heavy drinking in the past month.

And one could safely assume that of the 88% mentioned upfront, the majority at some point ‘went big’. Then suffered the unwanted hangover the next morning. With these statistics it becomes clearer that there is a huge market for preventing the 2 day hangover and finding the best hangover cure.


alcohol-intakeBut while these stats give us a good understanding of who is drinking, they don’t give us an insight into the morning-after effects of excessive alcohol intake.  Or the effects of hangovers on your nearest and dearest, as well as on your work colleagues. Also, it is worth exploring how an effective hangover cure might curb this problem!

Kristen Sollee, writing for Bustle, agrees that the effect of a hangover on your romantic relationships varies. It depends on a host of other factors in your relationship and your personal history.

For some, she says, drinking alcohol produces a combination of fun, fantasy and bonding. For others, it could mean conflict and arguments. It all comes down to how you manage your fun! The effect on you can be as minor as feeling a bit tired in the morning. Or as huge as taking you out for 2 days dealing with a 2 day hangover.

SoberOn, claimed by users to be the best hangover cure, offers its users a more balanced and enjoyable drinking experience as well as a greatly accelerated recovery the next morning. Give it a try to maximize the fun and minimize the pain in your relationships!

chill 2 day hangover cure

Be that as it may, she summarizes how drinking without taking care of yourself can affect your relationships:

1. You will more than likely imitate the drinking habits of your partner.

And if they go at it harder than you, you can’t leave them to have all the fun! But spare a thought for your health, will you! Take in a reliable anti hangover capsule or two before and after you drink to make sure that you keep up! Just imagine the impact on you and your family if you get hit by the 2 day hangover.

2. Drinking habits are, well, habits, so think while you drink!

Perhaps now is the right time to introduce some measures to keep that much needed (slight imbalance) of fun! – anti hangover solutions like SoberOn not only prevent hangovers, but enable you to regulate your alcohol intake more responsibly to make for a more enjoyable drinking session with your buds!tablet 2 day hangover cure


Control Tonight, an online opinion platform, warns that, when left unchecked and not managed, BINGE DRINKING IS BAD FOR RELATIONSHIPS.


3. They highlight the fact that excessive drinking change peoples behavior drastically.

cartoon 2 day hangover drinkingExcessive drinking can make a hungover or dangerously drunk person moody or defensive, act abusively or aggressively and/or lie to the people they love. You don’t want this. Keep the good time on a good track with the likes of SoberOn hangover supplement. SoberOn allows you to enjoy the BANG without the BITE! A medically proven hangover remedy will assist you.

4. And it can also get sexually awkward if you’re, ‘uninhibited’ by a few too many!

Your life partner might not like it if you broke the trust or came back with unwanted company. Like an STD or something…so please, be responsible. Take a potent anti hangover and sobriety promoting hangover medication before you hit the streets.

5. And then, as Control Tonight points out, there’s always that awkward moment
when you get carried away and say or do something, well, awkward.

Embarrassing you and estrange you from your closest friends or family members. Stay in the lines with the right hangover solution for your own sake!deactivated 2 day hangover frinking

Drinkaware points our attention to the additional relationship-affecting aspects of that dreaded morning after:

6. For one thing, you are sleep deprived – and that applies even if you’ve only shaken the feathers at 11am.

The alcohol in your system prevented you from getting the deep sleep – the kind you need to say you’ve ‘slept.’

So not only are you unavailable to your loved ones until later in the day but when you are available, you are irritable and not truly present. This causes them to feel unimportant, unappreciated and disengaged. And yes, the older you get the longer the hangovers last. Some reports show as much as a 2 day hangover.

dead-end 2 day hangover frinking7. How’s it going at work this morning?

If last night was a big one, probably not well at all. A hangover prevents you from processing and handling stress, causing it to build up in your already exhausted brain. Normal routine tasks become onerous, and important dates and times go out of the window. Which means missed appointments and drastically reduced performance. In turn this leads to more stress and uncertainty about the future if this is a regular occurrence. Perhaps it’s time for you to try some effective hangover medication?

Also, in Drinkaware’s comment on the effects of alcohol on your sex life, they report that:

8. Excessive alcohol intake on a regular basis can eliminate or drastically reduce your sex life.

That’s right, alcohol reduces your sexual sensitivity (whether you’re male or female), and often leads to erectile dysfunction in males and reduced lubrication in females.

We’ll leave the details to you, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the devastating effects that this can have on a long-term relationship.

lips 2 day hangover frinkingDo you experience any of the relational symptoms above? If yes, it’s time to take action. Science made huge strides in the formulation of effective hangover remedies that improve alcohol digestion and accelerate recovery the morning after.


The solution is available. CLICK THIS LINK and SoberOn and grab your hangover cure while stocks last !

In health and sobriety!


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