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  • By John Mackenzie Johnson
  • 24 Jan 2017

Beat the Enemy of all things Happy, with SoberOn

If you sometimes wake up gasping for breath after you enjoyed a couple of drinks the night before. You know how hangover anxiety feels. Yes, it happens, and it is the effect of over indulging on your body. That would be the effect if you failed to take the new miracle hangover prevention pill SoberOn. So let us look at this in more details to understand what exactly happens in your body, and more importantly your mind.

SoberOn Hangover Prevention

Define It

Epic. A great word to describe the big bash of last night. Paranoid. A harsh (but also great) word to describe your mental and emotional state right now?

A classic case of the beer fear (or as Vicky Anscombe from TNT Magazine puts it, “The Big G,” indicating Guilt) put you into a state of panic, regret, and worry. And now, the fear gripped you. The voices in your head start to drive you crazy. The overwhelming guilt and the heavy feeling making you want to curl up in the corner and cry. What if you contracted a terminal illness? Your stomach is killing you, and the gut wrenching exhaustion makes you feel dizzy. Heart starts racing; you hear the pounding in your ears.  When will this ever stop? 

In Norway, they actually have a word for this feeling. I took a video from Sunny&Sandra explaining the causes and sharing the Norwegian word for hangover anxiety.

Just relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and do it again.

It passes. The all-too-familiar hangover anxiety got the better of you this morning. At least scientist calls it hangover anxiety. 

Disregard your anxious thoughts immediately. Alcohol-induced and hangover-related, this temporary feeling goes away. Relaxing and removing unnecessary anxiety helps you recovering as quickly as possible. People predisposed to anxiety who fail to deal with the negative thoughts negatively affects their sanity in the long term. Stop internalizing and accepting these negative thoughts. Shake ‘em loose – NOW!

hangover anxiety rocks

SoberOn Party PackAs the makers of SoberOn, we really don’t like to rub salt in the wound by reminding you that you can avoid hangover anxiety. Just follow SoberOn’s hangover prevention solution. But it’s a little late to prevent anything right now – if you’re hanging, we’re squarely in hangover cure territory. If you have a bottle of SoberOn close at hand, knock back three capsules with three glasses of water, and all will soon be well. The fear subsides in a short while, and the joy of life replenished.

Stranded without the hangover cure close at hand? Read on to understand the science in that somewhat bedraggled body of yours.


According to Calm Clinic (a clinic you might want to be admitted to right about now), “it’s not uncommon to feel chemical-level depression and anxiety following a big booze-up. Simply because of the way your brain becomes stressed after drinking.” They go on to say the reason for this the depletion of nutrients, dehydration, and changes in your hormonal and neurochemistry.


6 Reasons why people get Hangover Anxiety

Anxiety Guru (aka Paul Dooley, licensed therapist and the brains behind, writes that “there are basically six reasons why alcohol consumption and hangovers make many people anxious”. Let’s explore these reasons to better arm you with the facts and thus avoid becoming, as Paul puts it, “alcohol’s punching bag”.


  1. The alcohol adversely affected your MOOD


Ever heard of serotonin? It is the feel-good hormone that keeps your outlook on life positive and contented. When you drink excessively (and don’t have medical and nutritional support from the likes of SoberOn), serotonin levels gets depleted. A shortage of this happy brain chemical causes the varying intensity of depression and anxiety. Obviously, this exacerbates any existing issues causing anxiety or sadness in the normal course of your life without the influence of alcohol.

hangover anxiety mood

2. Life isn’t that sweet when there’s a dip in your BLOOD SUGAR levels

hangover anxiety low sugar
When your blood sugar tanks, you get struck with dizziness, possible confusion, general weakness, unsettling nervousness, and a feeling of shakiness. Any person who experiences these symptoms would be forgiven for feeling anxious. That’s you
for the moment, so go easy on yourself.



3. You’re experiencing a horrible drought in your body – DEHYDRATION

hangover anxiety dehydrationIronic, isn’t it – that you drank so much and now so very dry inside? It’s crazy – but true! And as the alcohol depletes your needed liquid reserves, you begin to feel nauseous, dizzy (again), tired (no, exhausted), light-headed (yeap, say that again!) and muscle fatigue. Basically, you feel like crap when dehydrated – and feeling like crap exacerbates your anxiety even more.


4. Temporary hyperactivity effectively red-lines YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM

hangover anxiety reffing heartIf your nervous system’s activity were displayed on a car’s rev meter right now, your nervous system would be past the red line – meaning it is being driven extremely hard! As the alcohol intoxicates your body, your nervous system goes into hyperdrive in order to compensate for alcohol’s sedative effects. This leads to a state of hyperactivity which causes shaking, light and sound sensitivity, and…wait for it…sleep deprivation. A concoction-from-hell to intensify your anxiety levels.




5. Alcohol is pulling on your HEARTSTRINGS

Your heart beats out of your chest because of the battle in your body to consume (metabolize) every ounce of alcohol from your system. Your heart is a machine, no a muscle, like any other. It can begin to spin out with the odd palpitation when your heart beats out of rhythm momentarily. We all know that stress usually causes palpitations and your brain registers the palpitation as an alarm signal from your heart. To respond to the alarm signal the brain sends out adrenaline and helps you to enable your “fight or flight” response. Your heart and brain are as thick as thieves, I tell you. And you guessed it, this heightens your anxiety levels. To make matters worse, your mind starts to panic with “what if” questions like “What if I am dying from heart failure?” And your anxiety levels rise all the more.



6. And now you can’t concentrate, and you feel DISORIENTATED

The thick fog over your mind, coupled with the anxiety caused by the factors discussed above, leave you feeling like you can’t even remember your way to the bathroom in your own house and you feel disorientated. You are in your own house, right?!?  Again, the anxious state you experience gets all the worse.

SoberOn Hangover Kit

So, in short, get your SoberOn and be armed with the guns to prevent this in future.


In health, not hangovers,

The SoberOn team

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