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Hangover Medicine and The Truth About Hangovers

  • By John Mackenzie Johnson
  • 22 Sep 2016

Hangover medicine and what is happening in your body when you drink excessive alcohol?

So you thought that your hangover indicated too much alcohol in your body. Leading to your day-dreams about hangover medicine to get it out? THINK AGAIN!


Percentage hangover medicineThe Alcohol Hangover Research Group confirm the “hangover” occurs when your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) already returned to ZERO! And YES, there is an institute devoted to the study of hangovers.


Yes, that is right! The experience of pain and misery happens after the alcohol left our bodies. This can last for up to 48 hours after a big one.

The bleary-eyed drowsiness; the inability to hold a thought; the constant cotton-mouth (when your dry tongue can’t leave the roof of your mouth without considerable effort), the dizziness, and the tummy complaints blend seamlessly into the tide of anxiety plaguing your weary mind. That’s the HANGOVER. What hangover medicine in the market actually works and include 100% natural ingredients? This is how we started when registering SoberOn with the guidance of Dr. Frank Johnson to find the perfect hangover medicine. Let’s look at what happens in your body that causes that horrible hangover feeling.

Ten Torturous Simple Explanations

Casey Gueren of BuzzFeed summarizes these effects in ten torturous simple explanations:

  1. Inflammationpain hangover medicine

You hurt like hell, thanks to a brutal combo of inflammation and being able to feel pain again: you see alcohol is an analgesic (takes the physical and emotional pain away) but brings a rebound effect when it wears off! That’s right – PAIN HITS WITH A VENGEANCE.



  1. heart hangover medicineYour heart-rate, and with it anxiety levels, shoot up!

This is your body’s deepest sympathies for your ill-conceived behavior and its resultant painful consequences…seriously. Scientists call these effects ‘sympathy effects’. Dulled when you’re intoxicated, and return with vigor and abandon when the alcohol wears off.


  1. Lack of Sleep!

eyes hangover medicineWhy? Because the alcohol you drank wreaked havoc on your sleep patterns – so your hangover started before you even wake up. Do you know of an anti hangover pill that helped you get that deep sleep needed to shake the symptoms? Or any hangover medicine that you can buy over the counter without prescription and 100% natural? Perhaps not. Today that will change when we tell you more about SoberOn the 100% natural hangover medicine that works.


  1. skulls hangover medicineAnd if you do sleep – NIGHTMARES!

Because the alcohol locks your mind into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, also known as the dream zone! But your current state probably won’t lead to real dreams! It is not 100% clear exactly why this happens but it is safe to say your endorphin levels, or lack of it, plays a role.

  1. what if hangover medicineYour endorphin, or your feel-good hormonal chemistry, took a big hit

Leaving you sad and weepy (yes, even nbecause you have no food for the pets). You’ll need an effective hangover cure that is readily available, affordable and works! The only hangover medicine you need from today is SoberOn.


  1. Bunged up sinuses

And even more-so if you’re alcohol intolerant. Your body struggles to break down the remaining dregs of the dreaded alcohol and its associated hazards, like preservatives, flavorings, and other toxins!

sinus hangover medicine

  1. Your face is bigger than usual…seriously!?

You are dehydrated because your kidneys excrete diluted urine resulting in increased amounts of sodium in your body. It’s the sodium that results in swelling and puffiness. An effective anti hangover pill may accelerate your recovery!


  1. toilet hangover medicineThere’s a rumble in the tumble!

Meaning that if nothing else can get your heavy head off the pillow, there’s nothing like hellish diarrhea to hurry you along for another day at the office. Why? Because your gut is sick of all that alcohol, that’s why! Alcohol rocked your intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins. Not only that but increased bacteria left in the small intestine can keep sending you for return trips to the white porcelain pony.


  1. brain hangover medicineAnd your brain, come to think of it!

Nothing like a hangover to imprison you in the realm of The Dunciad for the next 12 hours. Let’s just say that there’s a chronic bottleneck in your thought-processing capacity. You used up a lot of dopamine last night (your can-do hormone). As result, you started behind before you even started the day. Plus, the alcohol binge slowed your frontal cortex. But don’t sweat it, with an anti-hangover medicine that works, you’ll recover in no time.


  1. spin hangover medicineYou spin me right ‘round Baby…and again…and again!

You’re not drunk anymore, but struggling to walk the straight and narrow right now! This results from what is (not so commonly) known as “orthostatic hypotension.” That “I’m going to faint” sensation you get when you stand up too fast. Excessive alcohol intake causes a similar thing in your brain. So take it easy, pop a hangover pill or two! Or three!

Subject for conversation

Now, what makes the hangover an intriguing conversation piece is that, well, nobody knows for sure why the above symptoms occur when your body already expelled alcohol and its metabolites!

Jeff Roberts of Collective Evolution writes that “science attributes hangover symptoms to several causes, including direct physiological effects of alcohol on the brain and other organs, alcohol withdrawal, and non-alcohol factors, such as the toxic effects of other biologically active chemicals (congeners) in the beverage and broken sleeping patterns.”

But, while the exact cause of the hangover remains an unsolved question, science and research made a significant breakthrough in the formulation of a 100% natural anti hangover medicine. A medicine that drastically improves the prevention and recovery from hangovers.

What does the Doctor say?

Dr. Frank Johnson, a seasoned medical research expert and general practitioner, confirms that the hangover is one of the most commonly experienced, yet acutely debilitating, medical conditions known to man. While many anti-hangover drugs contain the right ingredients in their makeup, they lack correct formulation correctly to restore the body’s depleted vitamins and nutrients resulting from excessive alcohol intake.

He advises that the most effective hangover medicine must include the correct vitamin B complex, electrolyte and milk-thistle formulation to speed up recovery. He further shares that the internet and accessibility of information from around the world resulted in a sort of a revolution in the treatment of certain ailments. In formulating SoberOn hangover medicine, we combined ingredients used in Western, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to cure or prevent hangovers. It is this combination of treatments from around the world that makes him question Western Medical Journals claiming the only way to avoid a hangover is by not drinking. This is the main approach but the other things like drinking water, timing your drinks, etc. falls into the same category. Yes, they do work, but it is critical to look at the data we can access today and question previous assumptions.

So before you head out to have some fun with your friends make sure that you have your SoberOn Hangover Medicine ready… Have fun, enjoy, but do so responsibly.

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