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  • By John Mackenzie Johnson
  • 23 Dec 2016

Okay, so last night was a big one! Fair enough. The celebration was HUGE, and you got into the flow of things, and gave it all you’ve got…well, had! And now you’re paying for it with a throbbing headache on the dreaded morning after. Yeap – you’ve got a case of the hangover. And to make things worse YOU don’t have a hangover kit.

Since you’re already suffering, it’s evident that you didn’t have your hangover prevention kit close at hand (yes, that would be SoberOn). And, worse still, there’s a chance that you don’t yet have your SoberOn hangover remedy kit with you. If you could take two or three SoberOn capsules with two glasses of water right about now, you’d be as right as rain just over an hour from now.

Hangover kit basket



So, the makers of SoberOn are passionate about relieving people from their “morning after” agony. We’ve also done some extensive research on the nutritional, dietary and lifestyle steps you can take to alleviate (if not eliminate) your hangover. Why? Because after that wild festive season celebration, new year bash, wedding, 21st birthday party, or that school reunion celebration, you’re going to need it if you don’t yet have SoberOn.

We’re assuming you have the basics in place already. You don’t need a hangover kit and hangover advice to tell you that an ice-pack will be good to ease your throbbing headache. Lip ice might be good to help you to speak (we know smiling won’t be an issue for the next few hours). And then, you might as well park a bucket next to your bed to prevent you having to run for the toilet if things get a little queasy.

That said, let’s look at a natural and efficient hangover kit. A hangover kit that will get you out of this immediate trouble you find yourself.

Need for Hangover Kit

First up in our hangover kit for the hangover victim without SoberOn

You’re in a considerable amount of pain right now. Don’t delay, hit those strong paracetamol and aspirin headache tablets. If they contain a little caffeine, that’s not a bad thing either.

Second – coffee!

Hangover Kit coffeeOrganize a rich, dark roast coffee. If you know someone who loves you enough to brew it for you, all the better. This will not only give you that power surge you’re aching for but will soothe your distress with its comforting aroma.


Third – don’t let up on the liquids

Hydrate Hangover KitYou’re dehydrated in a fairly bad way. This will make your recovery that much more difficult unless you keep the non-alcoholic beverages flowing like a river. Best Health advises that if you have sports drinks, red ginseng tea, coconut or lemon water, Pedialyte, peppermint tea, or even fruit juice (including tomato juice) – hit it hard!



Fourth – hearty foods to pep you up: the essential element of any hangover kit

Eat This, Not That! recommends that you make the best of any opportunity to take in a combination of these top-10 hangover-smashing foods:



banana hangover kitBananas are jam-packed with potassium, which will have been depleted quite substantially through frequent urination during alcohol intake; the fruit’s rich natural supply of vitamin B6 and their recently reported ability to reduce hangover severity by up to 50%!




eggs hangover kitAs a carrier of high volumes of cysteine, eggs offer an efficient and convenient means of breaking down alcoholic toxins; if you don’t have eggs, try beef, chicken or turkey to get nearly the same effect.




These lean-green-machines carry a good dose of hangover-blasting amino acids and minerals; they are also a natural diuretic which aids the digestion of excess toxins from your body.



ginger hangover kitTechnically a spice (as opposed to a food per se), ginger is a natural remedy for all forms of nausea; this includes the times when you feel you might have to make a call on the proverbial white telephone (for the uneducated, that’s a toilet) after a massive party.


Greek yoghurt

GY hangover kitOpa! Alcohol negatively affects your blood sugar balance when it comes in large doses; a good dollop of Greek yogurt will add the right combination of protein and carbs to help balance your blood sugar and combat the horrendous mix of nausea and hunger.



honey hangover kitThe main ingredient of nature’s sweetness is fructose; this helps digest alcohol faster, and supports healthy blood sugar to reverse your booze-induced hypoglycemia.



guava hangover kitRight about now, your organs are working really hard to get rid of those toxins; the immunity boost that comes with a decent helping of guava (which is crammed with vitamin C) will no doubt make the fight that little bit easier.




turmeric hangover kitPut the spice back by including this natural liver anti-inflammatory in your morning after diet; Curcumin, a compound carried by the turmeric, plays a role in reversing bile duct blockage and fibrosis (scarring on the liver).




Meet your bodyguard for the morning; this secret digestion agent helps minimize and reverse liver damage caused by galactosamine, a liver toxin in alcohol; avocado, the main ingredient of guacamole, carries a powerful blend of oils that plays a calming effect on an upset digestive tract.

guacamole hangover kit



watermelon hangover kitSo, in your dehydrated state you will value the water in watermelon; but more than that, this fruit is also potassium, magnesium, and L-citrulline-rich, which gives your blood circulation a biochemical boost in destroying toxins, detoxing the liver, and energizing fatigued muscles.


Fifthly – sleep off the beast

Finally, you haven’t slept well, let’s face it. You didn’t get that deep sleep factor that makes for a good day ahead. So, put your feet up, whack in some ear plugs and cover your eyes with anything dark enough to stop the ever-so-piercing morning light from stabbing you in the eyes.

Now, sleep.

You’ll feel better for it.

sleep hangover kit

But one last thing – SoberOn would make this whole article unnecessary for you

Hangover kit, shmangover kit. SoberOn is the ultimate hangover prevention and cure kit. Period. All these good food and lifestyle ideas play their part in a healthy lifestyle, and we promote that with all we are. BUT, SoberOn would have prevented your horrible hangover. Even if you’d forgotten to take your SoberOn last night before and after drinking, you would simply take two-three capsules now, with some water, and in just over an hour you’d be singing.

SoberOn Hangover Kit

Click here to order. You won’t regret it.

With love and tenderness,

The SoberOn team


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